I am James Rosses your Quickpanda.

I am an Internet marketer, I designed strategies to help you put yourself out there as an expert. It was created as an instructional tool and as a support system for social media websites. The company behind about me is QuickPanda, Tony Conrad and Tim Young. The main aim of the founders of about me is to help you become successful through the promotion of themselves and the products they promote. The plan is to create a community around themselves called the about me network. This network will help the product owners to generate sales leads and it will also help them to develop brand awareness and credibility.

The company has done a great job on getting this right. There is a fantastic about me page that shows exactly who the owners are, the products they promote and the links back to their social media profiles. All of these things are shown right on the main about me page so that when somebody searches for the type of information that you have written about, they are going to see that you are part of a community that includes the people that sell the products that you promote. The one mistake that I have seen in the site is that one of the pages does not link back to the about me page, which is a big oversight because this is one of the most important aspects of the social media management tool about me was designed for.

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