Can 2021 Be Better Than 2020?

can 2021 be better than 2021

The question on everyone’s lips is “can 2021 be better than 2020?” The question has been asked as many times as the last ten years and I can tell you that it is still unanswered. In fact if I told you that the United States of America has not conducted a single post-secondary institution based scholarship or fellowship program in the past two years there would be some of you that would say; well then, why do they do that? Well, I have some information for you.

Many factors have been brought into play since the beginning of this decade that have impacted negatively on the American Dream. Some of the factors have been the rising cost of college tuition, a failing economy, and a weak job market. With all of these variables, what is left to push back the dream? Education.

The United States of America has fallen behind other first world countries when it comes to higher education. If we are going to regain the trust of tomorrow’s youth, we must deliver better, higher education outcomes for them. Can we do that in an economically constrained budget? The good news is that yes, we can and here is how we will go about it. The first part of the answer is that we need to separate our higher education ambitions from our national interests.


At the current time, our national interest is focused on containing the threat posed by radical Islamic terrorism. The next part of the answer is to improve our nation’s performance when it comes to meeting its international obligations. Can we do that? That is the key and the first part of the answer as far as better future higher education goes.


Second, we need to invest in our future higher education institutions. It is very important for us to invest in the future of higher education. That means we need to get back to basics in terms of how we do that. Two ways to do that are to beef up our investments in research and development and to increase the number of students enrolled in our traditional post secondary institutions.


Vector of Coronavirus 2019-nCoV and Virus background with disease cells. COVID-19 Corona virus outbreaking and Pandemic medical health risk concept. Vector illustration eps 10

Outbreak of COVID-19 Pandemic has affected education and tourism in the whole world. This is a question many health professionals around the world are asking themselves, especially as the country reels from the worst outbreak of the deadly disease in half a century. The disease has killed thousands of people, and the death rate continues to increase. Many doctors and public health experts are calling for urgent action, saying that this pandemic, which is believed to be caused by a new strain of the virus, is proving to be more dangerous than the last, which was responsible for hundreds of cases in the past.

As mentioned above, many students are affected by the recent pandemic in world mainly due to the lack of information on the virus that causes the deadly disease. In fact, many children who do attend primary school have had to be withdrawn from the class because of the fear of contracting the plague. Fortunately, with the help of new technology and the work of dedicated professionals, this situation has now been addressed. The school authorities are conducting classes for educating children on how the disease can be contracted, as well as how to survive during an outbreak. Moreover, they are educating the parents and guardians of young children about the importance of taking precautions to protect them from the severely ill corona virus which has killed so many students in the past.

The pandemic is also affecting education in most countries. Since March last year, hundreds of children have been killed or infected by the virus. With the alarming rate at which the infection spreads, the number of dead will most likely increase in the coming weeks and months. The capital has a large number of children both out of school and studying – many of whom have not been seen for months.

So, why is this? Education is one of the pillars supporting a healthy society. Without proper education, the public’s health will slowly deteriorate. Not only is the new virus threatening the United States, but it is also threatening to weaken other countries which are experiencing the same outbreak. To make matters worse, the few remaining doctors are unable to cope with the rapidly spreading epidemic.

Last, we need to create more jobs. The second part of the answer is to make sure that we are creating more jobs in the United States for today’s workforce. How can we do that? We need to improve our productivity. That means cutting corporate costs, streamlining operations, increasing productivity, and cutting labor costs. Cutting labor costs is critical because we cannot move forward if we have fewer workers and if we have fewer employees who are productive.

Will 2021 Any Better?

The new vaccine against Covid-19 disease has been on the market for more than a decade now and is finally reaching the shelves of pharmacies across the USA and many more countries around the world. Many people have been waiting for this vaccination to reach the levels of success that it has achieved as Pfizer and BioNTech has successfully reached 90% level of effectiveness, especially since the last major breakthrough in the antiviral drug field happened over fifteen years ago. That time was the introduction of Crixivan, a highly effective cure for Covid-19. Since then, many other drugs including the AAV virus strain, which causes Covid-19 has been developed and improved upon.

With the latest clinical trial results coming in, the Pfizer-led study is considered to be very promising. The study looked at three groups of population with Covid-19 who were not on any medications at the time of their diagnosis. Of these women, two groups received the Pfizer-made vaccine and one group of women received a placebo.

After six months of treatment, the placebo group showed a significant improvement in mean outbreak times as compared to the control group. No adverse events were recorded in either group and hence the vaccine is set to begin in the US later this year. It is believed that further tests will help determine whether or not the covid vaccine can be safely used within a normal work environment. It is understood that the vaccine may also need to be approved by the FDA before being made available to workers in the United States.

A phase three clinical trial involving healthy adults of different ages, including women of childbearing age found that the vaccine was well tolerated by those without other health complications. In the previous phase two trial, the vaccine worked in only the infants. Adults in the phase three trial, however, did not show any side effects or safety issues. The data on post-use protection was also impressive. This makes Pfizer optimistic about the future of its antiviral treatment for Covid-19.

The chief concern about the drug comes from concerns over increased rates of relapse in people already infected with HPV. However, no such statistical analysis has been done as the US FDA does not yet have jurisdiction over drugs or their ingredients. The FDA will, however, continue to monitor the progress of the program and look into any safety issues raised by the company or by the US Congress. It has also been suggested that the HPV vaccine could be priced too high in the United States, given its efficacy.

Pfizer is currently conducting a phase three clinical trial in the US to test the safety of the vaccine in men who have had no history of Covid-19 before. This will be followed by a double blind study in Europe later this year, with results expected in 2021. The US FDA will also begin collecting data on the safety of the vaccine in adults later this year. An official timeframe has not yet been set, but it is estimated that results may be released sooner than the end of this year. The FDA will carefully monitor any potential adverse events that may occur in either sex ever. With the enormous potential benefits associated with this new treatment, the importance of maintaining effective communication between the company and consumers is of great importance.

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