The Bad Side of Technology Advancement

Advanced devices

Advancement in technology is bad because of peoples addiction to it. It has been so because the computer has become the dominant medium of all transactions for every person on earth! In fact, it has been a reality that every business man and woman have a personal computer and a connection to the internet which he or she uses for business and also personal purposes. But along with the use of computers came the misuse of the same by those who are not aware of the consequences that improper use of the computer can have. Here are some of the reasons on why technology is bad.

Quick Changes People Are Crawling to Get Fair

Computers are fast becoming a part of our lives and a tool of convenience. In fact, some people consider it so convenient that they replace their manual paper documents with digital files which can be easily stored in their computers or external storage devices and accessed at another time or place. This also means that once a business man or woman loses his or her office files, he or she cannot retrieve them as easily as before.

Because of these, computers can be considered as the root cause of the information technology disaster which has affected many businesses organizations. This is especially true in the case of data manipulation, which was often done by those who were not qualified in the said field. Aside from this, the security systems of a computer have also been compromised. Hackers have a lot of things to attack in order to get their hands on information that can help them defraud or cheat others.

So Close Yet So Far

Another bad side of technology is its people are getting far from each other. Many of these computer programs are developed by those who are not knowledgeable of the technical stuffs involved. And thus, they pose a threat to people’s privacy and the security of their computer systems. Plus, it is quite difficult to clean up because of the number of malicious programs that will surely pose as threats to your system.

A good technology to avoid is bad hardware. Bad hardware usually comes with very dangerous viruses. Some of them can even harm your computers so much that you will never want to use it again. And when this happens, you cannot just replace it with a new one. You need to repair it or replace it completely.

The best technology to use is a technology that can guarantee the protection, security and a fast recovery time after a virus attack. You should only choose a program that will guarantee you all of these. It means the product must be able to protect your data and computer from any viruses, spyware or malware. And most of all, it must be able to provide you a fast recovery time after an unsuccessful scan.

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